Product licence

Clyvia Technology GmbH gives the purchaser of a plant the possibility of coupling successful plant operation to a product licence. This means the operator pays royalties to the manufacturer per litre of recuperated product.


Which in turn means the operator can be sure that he only pays if the plant is functioning and only for the amount recuperated. A fair accounting practice is guaranteed by customers monitoring and quantifying the amount of product manufactured - the basis for trusting cooperation.


Plant construction licence

Clyvia Technology GmbH always assumes that plants will be manufactured and set up in own responsibility. This makes sense and saves costs as long as the companies work in the European region. If the construction of plants in Asia or USA is considered, however, the transport of lightweight standard components does not make sense.


In this case we recommend the conclusion of a licence agreement for the construction of the plant under the supervision of Clyvia Technology GmbH. Only the key components which contain the main know-how will be delivered from here. This kind of licence can of course be limited in terms of space and time. The model allows a wide range of design possibilities.