Efficiency agreement

With pure incoming substances the efficiency of a Clyvia depolymerization plant is over 90%. The value achieved can fall short of this if the incoming substances to be transformed are soiled. This soiling can be in the form of water, soil sticking to the products, metallic residue and similar. Such substances reduce efficiency.


In order to be able to word warranty conditions unambiguously, Clyvia Technology GmbH will recycle test batches of approx. 20 to 100 to. of representative incoming material from the customer in the pilot plant. Contracts will be based on the results achieved in the pilot plant, since both sides then have an assurance of how the plant is going to work. If efficiency should fall short of the prescribed value, it is easy to check whether the incoming substances comply with the delivery specification or whether there is a problem with the plant function.


Function monitoring

The Clyvia depolymerization plant is managed by a menu-controlled computer programme. The plant state can be checked directly at the headquarters of Clyvia Technology GmbH via an internet link if required. If a problem occurs, it can be analysed directly from company headquarters or by a service staff computer and actions can be initiated to eliminate the problem.


Plant maintenance

Clyvia Technology will maintain and service their depolymerisation plants. It will be neccessary to maintain the plants on a regular basis. For this purpose a maintainance contract will be signed. The respective maintainance actions and intervals will be listed in the plants maintainance manual.



If the purchaser of a plant runs it with its own personell, he will need special training for the operation of the plant. This training will provided by Clyvia Technology. If further know how is achieved, a follow-up training will be given.