April 23, 2008: Customs Authority has Determined that Product Manufactured by Clyvia is Diesel

The Customs Authority has determined that the product manufactured by Clyvia is Diesel

Wegberg. - The Zolltechnische Prüfungs- und Lehranstalt Köln (Technical Customs Inspection and Higher Technical Institute Cologne), which reports to the Regional Tax Office, has determined in an inspection certificate that the product produced from polymer waste by Clyvia Technology GmbH is diesel fuel according to the DIN EN 590 standard. The company made this announcement at its headquarters in Wegberg.


“These findings from Cologne clearly show that this is diesel – also from a fiscal perspective. For us, this represents additional important recognition of the process developed by us, following the previous classification of our products as diesel fuel by TÜV Rheinland and by an independent testing laboratory,” stated Dr. Manfred Sappok, who heads up technology at Clyvia Technology GmbH, on the significance of this official inspection.


Clyvia diesel fulfils the official regulations of the European Union


The accredited testing laboratory of the Regional Tax Office Cologne described the product sample submitted by Clyvia as a “clear, light-brown liquid,” and found that according to the “result of the test conducted here, this is a gasoil,” in terms of the current official nomenclature of goods of the European Union. In this instance gasoil denotes diesel fuel, which is thus approved for the domestic and foreign movement of goods.


The process developed by Clyvia is based on fractional depolymerization, which is similar to cracking crude oil. With a process temperature of 400 degrees Celsius – significantly less than traditional cracking such as pyrolysis – long hydrocarbon chains are cracked, which then evaporate and condensate in a distillation column as diesel oil.


This technology is attractive for private and public waste management enterprises as well as for industrial and manufacturing firms, which would utilize the energy obtained from their organic waste materials such as waste oil, scavenge oil, packaging waste or production waste, which otherwise would involve costly disposal.




Clyvia Technology GmbH is a subsidiary of the US company Clyvia Inc., headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The company shares are traded on the German stock exchange in Frankfurt (WKN: A0F59X, ISIN: US18975K1088) as well as “over the counter” in New York (OTC BB: CLYV.OB).



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