planned pilot plant

Clyvia Inc. which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA operates its new energies business through its 100 % participation in the Clyvia Technology GmbH, Wegberg-Wildenrath, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany.


Clyvia Technology GmbH produces plants which recuperate diesel/heating oil from olefin waste and exploit these substances for further value creation.


The company uses the method of "fractioned depolymerization", which is similar to cracking crude oil. In a thermal treatment process, long hydrocarbon chains are shortened until they are as long as heating oil or diesel. The method was developed and tested at the end of the 1970s and was proved to work even then, although the general conditions at the time were not suitable for profitable operation of the plant. In its own laboratories, Clyvia Technology GmbH has proved that the transformation of used oil, flushing oil and polymers into diesel or heating oil works.


The company's main expertise is in the construction and commissioning of depolymerization plants. The company also offers operator models for these plants. Since the method can be used in any country, plants can be constructed abroad within the context of a licence agreement under the supervision of the on-site licensor.


A pilot system at the headquarters in Wegberg is currently in operation. The Clyvia Technologie GmbH management team has experience in this field, which has been acquired over the past ten years. This experience resulted in a patent, which was granted on 14/9/2006 (No 102005010151).

Another patent was sent in to the patent office for application.