February 6, 2008: Successful Testing Campaign Conducted with Extremely Dirty Oil Sludge

Clyvia: Successful testing campaign conducted with extremely dirty oil sludge - Clyvia Technology GmbH conducted a testing campaign in which a total of 20 tons of extremely dirty oil sludge was successfully processed and then converted into high-grade mineral fuel. Clyvia made this announcement in Wegberg.


Over 25 percent of the oil sludge consisted of water and low boilers, since gasoline had been mixed into the source product, due to the low winter temperatures in the originating country. This is customary in some regions, to maintain the liquidity of gasoline. However, Clyvia’s systems are designed for source materials with a maximum of five percent impurity. Therefore, systems which are to process similar impure source materials must additionally be equipped with a decantation step, during which water and gasoline is separated before the actual processing based on fractional depolymerization begins.


The high sulphur content of 5,500 ppm (parts per million) represented another challenge. However, after the conversion process this value dropped to 2,000 ppm. Corresponding sodium desulphurisation systems can be designed on this basis, which will reduce the finished product to the limits requested by the customer; for fuel oil this limit is 1,000 ppm and for diesel 50 ppm.


Large scale testing demonstrated system’s enormous efficiency


“With the campaign just conducted we have clearly demonstrated that our systems are also suitable for difficult source materials,” stated Dr. Manfred Sappok, one of the two managing directors of Clyvia Technology GmbH on the successful large scale testing. “We will gladly share detailed test results with interested clients.”


Clyvia Technology GmbH is a subsidiary of the US company Clyvia Inc., headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The company shares are traded on the German stock exchange in Frankfurt (WKN: A0F59X, ISIN: US18975K1088) as well as “over the counter” in New York (OTC BB: CLYV.OB).



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