February 13, 2008: Producing Fuel from Waste Oil: Clyvia Realizes 90 Percent Energy Efficiency

Producing fuel from waste oil: Clyvia realizes 90 percent energy efficiency


Wegberg. - Clyvia Technology GmbH has prepared a comprehensive energy balance for the mineral fuels it produced from waste oil. According to the balance, the energy efficiency of the plant it operates is at 90 percent, while the mass balance is at 80 percent. The company made this announcement at its corporate headquarters in Wegberg-Wildenrath.


For the preparation of the energy balance, the total energy produced was compared with the energy utilized. An input of 500 kg waste oil – which corresponds to the plant’s processing capacity per operating hour – produces an output of 450 kg mineral fuel. 50 kg fuel oil are added to the conversion process as combustion energy. Furthermore, the approximately 25 kg of fuel gases, which are created during depolymerization are utilized as heat energy by the reactor. Additionally, 25 kWh electrical energy are required to power pumps, scrabbers and other system functions. These parameters result in an energy efficiency of more than 90 percent.


“The energy balance demonstrates the great efficiency of our process,” according to Dr. Manfred Sappok, one of the two managing directors of Clyvia Technology GmbH. “Mass balance, which defines the ratio between waste oil utilized and the saleable mineral fuel oil, is 80 percent. Considering all of the business factors, diesel or fuel oil can be produced for approximately 25 Euro Cent per litre.”


The process developed by Clyvia is based on fractional depolymerization, which is similar to cracking crude oil. With a process temperature of 400 degrees Celsius – significantly less than traditional cracking such as pyrolysis – long hydrocarbon chains are cracked, which then evaporate and condensate in a distillation column as diesel oil. This technology is attractive for private and public waste management enterprises as well as for industrial and manufacturing firms, which would like to obtain energy from their organic waste materials – waste oil, scavenge oil or polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene.


Clyvia Technology GmbH is a subsidiary of the US corporation Clyvia Inc., headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company shares are traded in Frankfurt (WKN: A0F59X, ISIN: US18975K1088) as well as “over the counter” in New York (OTC BB: CLYV.OB).


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